The last few years have been a journey with many changes. I had to medically retire. I became home bound. I did some physical and occupational therapy. I found out I had a cervical tumor. I had some chemo and some extensive radiation treatments. I came out on the other side. And looked around and thought, “What just happened?”

The treatments were a success, cancer is gone and I will be having my 2 yr checkup soon. I just share this not to get sympathy, but to say we all have incredible journeys we are in the middle of. Sometimes they are difficult, sometimes painful, but always taking us somewhere. Sometimes we feel like we are “just along for the ride” and are riding the momentum of the circumstances. I can relate to that feeling.

I have searched for something to help me feel better. Situations can cause stress, or anxiety and your body is what pays the price. It can be lack of energy, or lethargy, or that feeling that everything is making you too tired! You might be moody or snippy or maybe have a hard time sleeping. Some of these might just be because you aren’t eating right and giving your body what it needs to be the best you possible!

For me, one thing I always notice is when someone says “I tried this and I feel so much better!” or “wow, I got a good nights sleep after trying this!” And so when a Facebook friend started talking about Thriving and how she felt so much better and had more energy, I noticed. And then she said she had lost weight! And so had her husband! I started getting intrigued! And then she mentioned things like “nutrients to fill in the nutritional gaps in our diet”, and “energy”, and “focus”, and “Gut health!” That really got my attention because the aftereffects of my treatments left other problems I now cope with. And she mentioned things like “mood support” and “plant based, natural” and even “made in the USA!” WOW.

And so, I was intrigued enough to try. I asked for a FREE customer Thrive page and read up on the 8 week Thrive experience. I decided I wanted to try it. Easy as can be, 3 simple steps first thing in the morning and then forget about it and focus on your life!

  1. Take 2 capsules first thing upon waking up in the morning. (Go the bathroom, take shower, whatever your normal morning routine is.)
  2.  20-30 minutes later, mix half scoop of the lifestyle mix in water and drink.
  3.  Put the DFT (derma fusion technology) patch on and VOILA…you are done and ready to begin your day!

After a couple of days Thriving I noticed I didn’t seem to feel so “foggy”, things seemed clearer to me! I seemed to have more energy, and didn’t feel like I needed a nap every afternoon! I was able to stop my current tendency to binge eat and was able to get back on my normal eating routine! Some of those cravings were gone! I just felt better and seem to be sleeping better at night! Once I go to sleep now, I am out until I wake up! No tossing and turning. Just sleeping deeper!

And here is the kicker! Someone I shared with asked for that FREE, no obligation customer page and decided to try the Thrive experience for herself. And because she did, I earned a commission. Say WHAT? I shared about my experience and earned some $$$??? Hello!? I didn’t even think about that! All I wanted to do was find something to make me feel better! Talk about icing on the cake! LOL An added benefit! I can earn commissions!

And so, this is a win win opportunity. For the person who is “into” health and wellness, or the person looking to “feel better”, this is for you!  “Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or simply be the best you can be, we know the 8-Week THRIVE Experience will get you THRIVIN’ in all areas of your life!

Check this out!

If you are interested in having that FREE, no obligation page, to use as a customer, to take a look around, or to share as a promoter, feel free to ask. What can you lose?

What is THRIVE?