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Are dreams practical?

There is a fine line you sometimes have to walk between practicality and your dreams. Your dreams will take you to places unseen and they can verge into the spiritual in your dependence upon faith as one of your tools. … Continue reading

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Textbooks Promote Islamist Agenda

Textbooks Promote Islamist Agenda.   We’ve seen news reports telling of communities in America where Muslim call to worship is normal. We’ve heard of communities where Sharia law is in effect. We’ve heard of courts and judges allowing Sharia law … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers in Canada can’t be taught ‘gay’ sex sinful

Homeschoolers can’t be taught ‘gay’ sex sinful. People who choose to home school their children usually do that to protect their children from secular values or things they feel are indoctrination against their religious views. In Canada, under the Education Act, … Continue reading

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