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Hormone attack

Nothing much new going on here. I’ve been getting my lymphedema wrap therapy for a couple of weeks now. It’s not bad, but having a mummy leg is sometimes uncomfortable and it feels a little tight sometimes, but it is … Continue reading

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Starting something new

Over the past ten months I have talked about ‘the journey’ I have been on. I never thought about life as ‘a journey’, at least not consciously. It is a concept we always know is a part of life, but … Continue reading

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It’s amazing to me, but it is October already. The year is passing by at a rapid pace. It was just the end of May when I had to quit work and begin home health care and physical therapy. It … Continue reading

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Nothing important, just thinking…

Despite the fact that my world has gotten smaller lately, I still find that I look forward to the weekends. Two whole days to do what I want without physical therapy, or occupational therapy or a nurse coming over. I … Continue reading

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Saturday again

  It’s saturday again. It’s been a good week but also a tiring week. I had therapy every day, doing my exercises quicker and easier and added more reps as I improved and grew stronger. Each day I felt tired … Continue reading

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My emotions are on the edge!

Apparently, an unexpected hospital stay, full of fear, and the unknown, lack of sleep and emotional ups and downs can really take a toll on you! Continue reading

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