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Just Waiting

I hesitate to share really deep and personal things sometimes. I feel either they are so personal it is not something to pass around to just anyone. Or no one would be remotely interested, or…they are one of those TMI … Continue reading

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Small Update

I find myself not writing because my world is so small and self involved that I can’t imagine anyone interested in reading about my day. But there are a few of you out there who sometimes ask how I am … Continue reading

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Crazy emotions and fighting fear

As the journey continues I am discovering that the biggest challenge is fighting my emotions; the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of the future. I have always been a worrier and have fought my whole life against the … Continue reading

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Tuesday is Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy came today. I do upper body/arm exercises with them. Today it seemed as if we breezed through them quickly and didn’t have to rest as often and wasn’t huffing and puffing like last week. So I am improving … Continue reading

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Sundays are a lazy day, a day of recovery from the week and rest in the form of afternoon naps. Still, I managed to watch a couple of rented movies and now am watching Ice Skating. I have always loved … Continue reading

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I took a tumble this week

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs of my use of an office chair at work to enable me to get around and to continue to work. I am only able to walk a few steps at a time using my walker … Continue reading

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Limited Mobility

I have bone spurs in my knees that prevent me from straightening out my legs. I also need two full knee replacements. I can’t stand or walk but a few steps with a walker. Because of that, I have worked … Continue reading

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What I’d Do With a Million Dollars

$1,000,000 I love playing this game! Our family has done this off and on over the years. First, of course, pay off the mortgage and all debts. Then, pay off our daughters’ debts. Then, since I drive a 1989 car, … Continue reading

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