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Positives/negatives/Wants and desires

I was browsing blogs today and read the About page of one. They had this idea posted so we could get to know them better. I thought it was unique and decided to think about it and see what I … Continue reading

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I’m in transition

It’s been two months, shy a couple of days, since I had to quit work and begin physical therapy and home health care. It has been emotional and stressful, changing each day. There were unknowns to get past and a … Continue reading

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It’s all about Perception

I have a blog I read religiously. It is written by a woman with chronic illnesses and chronic pain. She lives to uplift others, and in telling her day-to-day trials and how she overcomes them, she inspires so many of us. I feel … Continue reading

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The Funny thing about Pain

At 61, I’ve learned to live with a certain amount of pain. With age comes arthritis. You take some Tylenol to take the edge off and make it tolerable, and learn to accept it. I have arthritis in my hands, wrists, … Continue reading

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Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery?

http://www.arthritisconnect.com/videos/416-arthritis-foundation-research-initiatives?utm_source=EmailNewsletter&utm_medium=Arthritis&utm_campaign=ACN20110303B There is some exciting research going on at the Duke University on osteoarthritis. That is what I have. The cartilage in both knees has totally deteriorated leaving bone rubbing against bone. Without the cartilage in-between the joint of the knees…bone rubbing against … Continue reading

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Totally Unproductive Day!

Today was totally unproductive. I was extremely tired and crippled from the past work week. It had been extra busy. We were shorthanded. One employee had been a no-show and ended up quitting. Our boss had an extreme case of … Continue reading

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Another year gone…

Today is my birthday. Another year has passed. Usually I don’t pay any attention to my birthdays. It’s just another day. This time, it’s the big 60! Somehow it has more weight to it than usual. In doing a quick … Continue reading

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