Famished North Koreans resort to cannibalism

Famished North Koreans resort to cannibalism.

Most of us in the US have no idea what it means to be hungry. We might not have many expensive “things” but we always have food. We have a house and a car and a tv and a cell phone and a computer and perhaps other “every day necessities” we have become accustomed to, but going hungry is not something we have ever had to experience.

Food has been confiscated by North Korean communists from the two poorest counties in the country and redistributed. The extreme drought has caused famine and created desperation in a people with no other recourse. There have been reports of people eating their children. Cannibalism is now being reported as North Koreans are desperate to find food. This is shocking to me. We realize there are third world countries with problems, but we assume they have basic necessities of life. Is this the result of living in a third world country, or is it the result of living in a communist country?

The definition of communism is: ‘a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.’ Does that mean that the country/state is supposed to take care of its own people by supplying their needs? Does this sound like something we’ve been told before? That the government will take care of us? supply our food and provide health care for us all. The problem is that it sounds really good, but someone has to foot the bill. I was born and raised in a democratic society and would hate at age 63 to make a change.

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