Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey (Photo credit: tengrrl)

Today is a day for family and friends to get together and share food, fellowship and give thanks for everything. I thought I’d list a few of my things to be thankful for. We get so wrapped up in our everyday struggles, it is good to see the good instead of the negative.

  • I am so thankful for God in my life. I can talk to Him and pray to Him and know He listens to me. He gives me strength and comfort when I need it. I couldn’t function without God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in my life!
  •  I am thankful for my husband of 42 years. We first met in 7th grade, went steady, broke up, and reconnected and married after 2 years of college. He has been someone who loves me when I didn’t feel lovable and never understood what he saw in me and has been there for me for all these years. I have considered him to be a saint for putting up with me!
  • For my two children…son Stephen and daughter Catherine…two special people who grew up to be great people despite their crazy mother! I love them both very much.
  • I am thankful for a house over my head, with electricity and running water. Things we take for granted are the most important.
  • For my health. I am thankful for being blessed with good health. Now that I am older and struggling a little with arthritis and with walking, I say thanks often for the strength in my hands, arms, knees and legs that continue to get me around.
  • I am thankful for friends over the years who have touched my life in various ways. I feel God put people of faith in my path to help me or to guide me without me realizing it until later.
  • I am thankful for having met the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in 1990. They are a community of Charismatic Nuns who have loved me and prayed for me and my family over the years. They have loved me and guided me and offer their prayers and I see them as examples of how to live in faith.
  • I am thankful for my job and the chance to be creative and for my wonderful Boss.
  • I am thankful for being able to put a few words together legibly so that I can share a piece of my life and talents with others. I am thankful for all my talents and the ability to use them and to share them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am planning a stress-free and relaxing day. God bless everyone.

About estherlou

My husband and I married in 1970. I am the mother of 2 and grandmother to 5. I share my health stories and my experiences with Thrive. I am reading and writing blogs, watching tv, making jewelry and rosaries, selling in my Etsy store and playing solitaire. I am home bound and add in my physical therapy exercises to my daily routine. I will blog about my progress or anything that catches my attention at that moment. See you around and thanks for stopping by!
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4 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    God bless you, Esterlou! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Be blessed today, tomorrow, and forever as you walk with Him!


  2. sanstorm says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


  3. Ray's Mom says:

    Tank you for sharing your thoughts. Happy thanksgiving


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