Now many states want to secede from U.S.

USA Flag Letters

USA Flag Letters (Photo credit: ClaraDon)

Now many states want to secede from U.S.. Being born in Texas and living in Texas for most of my life, even in the past, we often talked in jest about seceding from the US. We had oil, gas, and electronics based in Texas and felt we would be in good shape. But it was only talk.

Now, some people in Louisiana have started a petition to secede from the US and petitions in other states have followed. They might not be fully organized. Who knows. Someone, somewhere, began a petition and talk gets around. They only need 25,000 signatures to get a hearing from the White House. Online access helps this along. Getting 25,000 signatures from each state wouldn’t take much. My city, not even a large city, has about 100.000 people living here. And since it is online, signatures can come from anywhere in the state.

“Joining Louisiana now are Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, California, Delaware, Nevada, Kansas, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Michigan, New York, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey, North Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Texas.”

This list is actually sobering. The signers must be disgruntled, unhappy people who want to make the White House listen. We have lived through many years and sometimes many administrations, where it was generally thought that the people were ignored by their politicians. We feel they don’t even understand who or what the working class people are anymore, they are too distanced from us. So, this may be an attempt to get our Government to pay attention.

The signers probably are not all Romney sympathizers, or even Obama haters, but just ordinary people unhappy with unemployment, an economy that tanked about 3 1/2 years ago and no visible relief in sight. Add to that, the threat of fines and new taxes, people can get desperate, and desperation brings about strange things.

The America I’ve grown up in and known for 62 years, has changed a great deal. It has progressively become “me” oriented, with less freedoms than we used to have, though most of us still believe we are entitled to personal freedoms, and the knowledge that we are ignored by our government officials and considered unimportant. Apathy has taken over and many people don’t even try to use their right to vote to change things. Voter turnout is very low.

The signers of the petitions sound like a last-ditch effort to get the Government to wake up and see what has been happening in our country and realize they are vulnerable also. I can’t imagine a continent of small countries instead of a United States of America, but the last election showed us we are no longer united. We have not been united in spirit, in morals, and in beliefs for many years. We have not had a war within our borders since the Civil War. I’d hate to see another one happen in my lifetime. When an insecure government is pushed, who knows what direction it might go in.


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3 Responses to Now many states want to secede from U.S.

  1. Republic of Texas (Glenn's conservative/libertarian state) says:

    Well said Estherlou, I personally signed it yesterday and was #29428 for Texas. I just checked it now it is at 73,468 signatures as of 11:44 am 11/13/12.
    I personally do see how we can stay united with those who murder the unborn children, just one reason to dissolve the Union……..God Bless and may God help us.


  2. Ray's Mom says:

    No longer a laughing matter – I feel a 1860 moment on the horizon.


  3. afteramerica says:

    Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    Maybe it’s time to go rent The Movie The Postman with Kevin Costner


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