Obama’s Nuclear Strike on American Workers | FrontPage Magazine

Obama’s Nuclear Strike on American Workers | FrontPage Magazine. This article is telling things are going to get worse.

map for us unemployment numbers

map for us unemployment numbers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The argument for illegal immigration amnesties is that America needs more unskilled workers to do the jobs that Americans won’t do or college graduates to do the jobs that Americans are too stupid to do. But at a time when as many as 30 million people are unemployed and the number of American workers is at its lowest point since the original amnesty, there is no question that we do not suffer from a shortage of skilled or unskilled workers. What we do suffer from is a job shortage.

The ugliest aspect of Obama’s amnesty is that the American workers who are hardest hit will be in the states with the highest unemployment rates. Ground zero for amnesty will also be ground zero for unemployment.

California, which has the nation’s highest population of illegal immigrants, also suffers from the third-worst unemployment rate in the country. Less than half of California’s population holds down a job and illegal immigrants will be entering those sectors of the job market — construction and manufacturing — which are already bleeding jobs.

Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country and is one of ten states with six-figure illegal alien populations. New York has the sixth highest unemployment rate and the third largest illegal alien population in the country. New Jersey has the fourth highest unemployment rate and the eight highest illegal alien population. Georgia and North Carolina have the sixth and seventh highest unemployment rates and the seventh and ninth highest illegal alien populations.”

We can no longer pay our debts. We barely pay the interest rates on our debts. We give out welfare to 45% of the population and we have fewer people paying into the system than are taking out of it. The people like me, who have been faithfully working and paying into the system for the past 40+ years are looking at no social security or medicare or Medicaid and continued rising unemployment and struggling to make $ stretch. Wake us America! The economy of the past 4 years is the worst I can remember in my lifetime.

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