Growing up with two moms: the untold story |

Sexuality confusion

Growing up with two moms: the untold story |

This is a long and very informative article by a man in his 40’s who lived with two mothers. He tells of his feelings, how he grew up, how he never learned the social skills of those who live with male and female parents and how difficult it has been to live in the “normal” world. Not because of his sexuality choices, but because his upbringing made him ‘abnormal’…his words, not mine. He calls himself different and weird and a social outcast because of his confusion as he grew up.

“My peers learned all the unwritten rules of decorum and body language in their homes; they understood what was appropriate to say in certain settings and what wasn’t; they learned both traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine social mechanisms.

I had no male figure at all to follow, and my mother and her partner were both unlike traditional fathers or traditional mothers. As a result, I had very few recognizable social cues to offer potential male or female friends, since I was neither confident nor sensitive to others. Thus I befriended people rarely and alienated others easily. Gay people who grew up in straight parents’ households may have struggled with their sexual orientation; but when it came to the vast social universe of adaptations not dealing with sexuality—how to act, how to speak, how to behave—they had the advantage of learning at home. Many gays don’t realize what a blessing it was to be reared in a traditional home.”

This article was an eye-opener and well worth reading.

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