Troops march in San Diego gay parade – in uniform – Yahoo! News

Troops march in San Diego gay parade – in uniform – Yahoo! News.

English: The Bisexual flag and Gay flag put to...

English: The Bisexual flag and Gay flag put together (Alphabetical order, “Bisexual” before “Homosexual”.) with heterosexual symbol over it. It is for straight people who very proudly support gay, lesbian, and bisexual rights and issues. I really hope this gets popular. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know how it’s been said, if you hear something long enough or often enough, it becomes true? We have heard so much in the past 25-30 years about homophobia, gay rights, equality, inclusivity, and same-sex marriage, that the clear/cut, black and white issue has been muddied to a very dull grey. I’ve had two friends who meant a lot to me who were gay. One died of AIDS at the age of 24. The other struggled to live a chaste life and made it to his 44th birthday. If you are a Christian, you struggle with this issue also. We all know and love someone who has declared him or herself gay. Some might even be in our immediate families. But the Bible teaches us that this is something that God does not approve of. How do we respond? Some say “I was made this way!” Some feel, because of something that happened when young, the choice was made for them, or they later made the choice. At the age of 62, I remember the word homosexual being the norm, instead of gay. I have old dictionaries that define homosexuality as a perversion. That was not a slur or a derisive term…it meant that something other than male/female unit was a perversion of the way things are ordered in nature. Birds, bees, animals all need male and female to procreate and continue the species. Now, in the 21st century, all we hear is how gays feel they need the same rights as the rest of us. As human beings, we all have the same rights. Oh, I guess they must mean, they want us to tell them it is okay to live together as a normal family and flaunt their sexual choices. This is my complaint with gay rights, gay rights parades and what the media calls the ‘radical homosexual agenda’…they don’t use these avenues to further the right to live together, or to get insurance for their partners…they use these avenues to show vulgarity, sex and promiscuity in public. What they have done by the excesses they express, is put a bad taste in the mouths of those of us who happen to think our environment should be ‘family friendly’. I would not approve of a male/female sexual display in public any more than I would approve of a same-sex couple display. Sex has always been a private thing between partners, and something to cherish, not something to flaunt in public. I just object to having it shoved in my face and being called gay rights. And I really hate being called a hate monger because of my Christian beliefs. This article on the pride the active military personnel felt at being in the gay rights parade just made me sigh. Of all things to be proud of…not their sacrificial service to our country, which we all appreciate, but the right to shout “I am gay!”


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