Made in the USA Products Directory


Made in the USA Products Directory. I just read a blog  about trying to buy only American made products to support our own country and our jobs. She found it incredibly difficult finding American made products. Even toilet paper was partly made from foreign products. What? What does that mean? Sounds a little creepy. And of course, most of us are used to wearing clothes made in places like Bangladesh. Most of us have to go with the cheaper option and many times shop at Walmart just to make ends meet. We feel we don’t really have the choice to buck the system when many of our major businesses have put their factories in other countries where labor is cheap and costs can stay low. It is a vicious cycle that has been around for decades. How can we stop it now? Especially when the economy is in the pits. For those with the means and the determination, here is a web page listing American made products.  Perhaps, if we can buy some of our products American made, we can begin to reverse the ‘curse’. Do you think there is any chance?

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