Public Schools Get No Confidence Vote – Godfather Politics

No political correctness

No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Public Schools Get No Confidence Vote – Godfather Politics.

My son has 4 children. His oldest is now 17. He made the decision before they started school that he wanted them to go to private, Christian schools. He wanted them to be protected from the tendency to promote diversity training and political correctness. And he wanted them to be taught Christian values and about God and Jesus.  That was almost 20 years ago. Now, things are much worse. Now, you can’t speak or pray in school in Jesus’ name, although it is quite okay to stop and pray to Allah several times a day. It is not allowed for a student to wear a t-shirt promoting Christian values and morals and beliefs, but it is okay to wear t-shirts with vulgarity or promoting satan or promiscuity. Everything is acceptable unless it has anything to do with Christianity.

Teachers aren’t allowed to punish students and many times they don’t even fail students, but push them on to the next grade. Many of our high school students can’t read and write but they know that the government is supposed to give them everything they want or need and that diversity is normal.

It is common to see police and drug dogs and locked corridors in schools. Adults are always on the lookout for students carrying weapons. Public school can be a scary place to be. Nurses can’t give out aspirins, but they can give out condoms and don’t have to tell the parents. The rights of the minor children are more important than the right of the parent to be a parent.

Many of our historical moments have been rewritten in the history books or white washed to make them more palatable. More political correctness at work. I’ll never forget hearing about the text-book that had several pages in it on Marilyn Monroe and her life and accomplishments and one small paragraph on George Washington. The world is topsy turvy and it happened when many of us weren’t paying attention. No wonder that the recent polls show a confidence level in public schools at 29%.

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1 Response to Public Schools Get No Confidence Vote – Godfather Politics

  1. Brad Stanton says:

    i love this post, isn’t it true!! We took God and prayer out of the schools and things really went downhill from there.


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