Wheelchair Excursion


Whenever I go on my infrequent outings with my husband we take my wheelchair. By outings, I mean eating out, going to Church, shopping…things I can’t do alone anymore. When I am not feeling too crippled to leave the house on Sunday, and Hubby doesn’t have to work, we go to Mass together. He recently lost his assistant manager and was training a new one, so he had worked without his normal weekends off for the past couple of months. Since it had been a while since our last excursion, it felt like an adventure to me.

Mass today was the fourth Sunday in Lent. I love the season of Lent. The atmosphere of the music and the prayers during Lent tend to guide you toward inner reflection, penance, and the desire to make a spiritual change while looking at what God’s Son did for us. The 40 days of Lent point to the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert praying before His ministry began and celebrates Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, Good Friday and culminates on Easter Sunday. It is the most glorious time during the yearly liturgy of the Church. I loved the worship, the  special music and prayers we hear once a year, and enjoyed listening to our Assistant Pastor preach.

After Church, we stopped to pick up my favorite Sunday lunch…Taco Bueno. We enjoyed the springtime weather and people-watched on the way home. We spent the afternoon watching tv and napping. All in all an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday and begin to regroup after a busy and stressful work week. I hope your day was as enjoyable as mine.