No Voter ID Law Means More Democrat Voters in November – Godfather Politics

voting day in a small town

No Voter ID Law Means More Democrat Voters in November – Godfather Politics. I want to know the logic behind allowing voters to vote without an ID card? The last time I was mobile, I had to present a picture ID to verify my identity as a registered voter. I’ve had ballots mailed to me for about 15 years now because of my handicap, so the change must have happened during that time and I didn’t realize. Showing identification is normal in all facets of our lives. We have to show ID’s to the

  •  DMV
  • Airports
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Donating Blood
  • Banks
  • Gun Shop
  • Cashing a Check
  • Adoption Agency
  • Social Security Office
  • Pawn Shops
  • Jail
  • Using a Credit Card
  • Court
  • Union Elections

But in Texas and South Carolina, you can vote without an ID. This means that all the illegal aliens now in our country can vote without an ID in Texas and South Carolina. What are they thinking?

After I wrote this blog based on this article, I found this information.

True the Vote, a nonpartisan, Houston-based nonprofit focusing on electoral integrity has revealed some startling information. Their effort, which started out of a small tea party group, focused on volunteering as poll workers in their local 2009 elections. According to the group’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, what started as a simple effort to exercise civic duty and get involved brought them face to face with what she referred to as frightening and gross incompetence on the part of some election and county workers at the polls. Engelbrecht pointed out in her interview with Townhall that even though Texas law allowed 11 different forms of identification to be used at that time to verify identity, which was required to vote, she and her 70 election volunteers noticed that many voters were being allowed to vote without any identification at all. Texas has since passed voter identification laws which require the use of a photo identification card.

The Obama administration has once more gone too far in its “overreach,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Monday, after the Justice Department objected to the state’s new voter photo ID law, saying Texas failed to demonstrate that the law is not discriminatory by design against Hispanic voters.

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2 Responses to No Voter ID Law Means More Democrat Voters in November – Godfather Politics

  1. Tammy says:

    I had not heard about this before. I don’t agree with it but maybe not for the same reasons that you don’t. I’m really amazed that this is happening in a state like South Carolina.


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