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How Planned Parenthood Hooks Kids on Sex | Conservative Byte. Planned Parenthood is kicking off National Condom Week. 51% of Planned Parenthood’s revenues in 2010 came from women who had abortions. So, it makes sense for them to try to sell sex. The problem is when they sell it to 10-year olds. The American Life League has compiled a video showing some of Planned Parenthood’s materials that are presented to school-age children all over our country. In the section called “Hooking kids on sex” there is a book for 10-year olds with graphic images showing how to masturbate, put on a condom, and to have sexual intercourse. The vice president of the American Life League, Jim Sedlak said, “If a dirty old man showed this book to kids in a park, he’d be arrested. Why does Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization, get to distribute these books to our children and get more government money. Planned Parenthood wants kids to choose it for their sexual education over their own parents,” said Sedlak. “It wants to be the trusted friend and advocate of kids of all ages. It knows that a conversation about sex with a stranger or browsing a Planned Parenthood website about teen sex is easier than talking with their parents. The abortion giant has no problem using tax dollars to exploit that fear and make money off those kids.”

I realize there is controversy about Planned Parenthood and a lot of people believe they are doing good work. That may be so, but there are always two sides to everything. I think we should start watching and listening, and not just to Planned Parenthood. We need to stop believing what we are told just because  someone or something big and prominent with a lot of power says it is true. We need to find out everything we can before blindly giving our trust. Check out the video. It is disturbing.


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1 Response to How Planned Parenthood Hooks Kids on Sex | Conservative Byte

  1. Tyranny plain and simple. Just how close are we being no different than the Communist, Fascist, Nazi, or any other forms of tyranny in the past. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying we are any of those I just mentioned. But how far away are we?
    Take care and keep up the fight. Freedom is not free. When good men do nothing evil men prevail. GRW


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