School sells ‘Plan B’ in vending machine |

vending machines
vending machines (Photo credit: grrlie)

School sells ‘Plan B’ in vending machine | I’m really shocked at this. Apparently it is not that uncommon. I guess I’m showing my age now, but really…selling the “morning after pill” in a vending machine? And someone stated that whatever the students wanted should be available. Really? Wow. I’m just a little speechless. They are calling it emergency contraception. Okay…to buy out of a vending machine, I’d think you’d be planning ahead, wouldn’t you? I’m just amazed.  I’ve really lived a sheltered life.

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My husband and I married in 1970. I am the mother of 2 and grandmother to 5. I share my health stories and my experiences with Thrive. I am reading and writing blogs, watching tv, making jewelry and rosaries, selling in my Etsy store and playing solitaire. I am home bound and add in my physical therapy exercises to my daily routine. I will blog about my progress or anything that catches my attention at that moment. See you around and thanks for stopping by!
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2 Responses to School sells ‘Plan B’ in vending machine |

  1. I guess I’m old fashioned too. It’s just shocking!


  2. And yet, they don’t allow prayer or Bible study. You aren’t the only one that’s shocked.


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