Is is still winter?

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After a couple of weeks of temperatures in the 60’s we had snow during the night. Not a lot, just enough to cover the patchy grass and make it really cold all day. I had gotten used to sweaterless weather and now it’s winter again! Of course, since I was off today, I had nothing pressing to do, so for most of the day was snuggled under my cozy throw watching tv and reading blogs.

It was a really productive day. I thought about reading some of the manuscript I am proof reading, but it still sits in the work box by my feet. I thought about watching a movie, but nothing sounded exceptional enough to get me to move very far from my lethargic snuggled space. A nap sounds like a good possibility that I’ll have to ponder. I bagged up all of my Avon books last night for my daughter to pass out for me, so that’s done.

It’s interesting to realize that my work habit affects my recreational habits. At work, you learn to stay busy, hands always doing something, producing something productive or useful, that at home, I find I can’t just sit without keeping my hands busy doing something, like typing or reading, so blogging fixes both of those requirements. Of course, if I’m tired of reading blogs, or writing, there is always mahjongg dimensions. That passes the time better than seeing what everyone else is up to on Facebook! I always wonder if the ones who put little blurbs from their phones ever go back and read what everyone else is blurbing? I can see that this particular blog will not go down in infamy for its scintillating information or entertainment value. I suppose it is just one of those days where the mind is just wandering around without purpose. And that is okay as long as there are more productive days than wandering days.

I decided to flip channels and even watched for a couple of minutes a dancing green dinosaur with pink dots playing with Barnie. Hmmm… And then there was Joan Rivers and her daughter on Anderson Cooper. She was looking younger than my daughter even though she is older than I am. The only thing wrong with multiple face lifts is that after a while, your mouth starts looking a little funny. And then there was a promotional ad for the area institute of cosmology. Who wears their hair like that? Then if you have chronic dry eye you can ask your doctor about Restasis instead of using over the counter drops. Olive Garden has a new 3 course dinner for $12 plus the choice of 5 scrumptuous deserts. Advil for your pain, Vagisil wipes for cleanliness, almond joy to create a paradise in your office cubicle complete with palm trees, quilted Northern for a confident clean, and pedia care to make moms and children feel better.  The Waltons, Daily Mass, Doctor someone talking about too much sodium in our diet, and my finger is getting tired. Captain Kirk sells Priceline, the real housewives of wherever…I never saw a housewife like that before. There was a talking tostito bag talking about how he evolved into scoops. Allstate, Geico, Farmers all will save you money if you switch. The Fantastic Four were arguing and wanting to be normal. Same-sex marriage ban was just struck down in California by a gay judge as unconstitutional. A ticker tape parade is going on right now for the NY Giants win. Verizon is going to begin streaming videos with Redbox. Guy Fieri and his son are making meatballs. The Speaker of the House is listening to someone talk about federal budget accounting. Soap opera, Dr. Phil, try no no to remove unwanted hair from your husband’s back, or chest or your own face, commercial, real estate channel advertising houses for sale, the price of peanuts will go up with possible rationing because of a shortage, and the Genie bra for only $59.99 will send you 6 bras. You only have to pay separate shipping and handling. Taco Villa has a 6-pack of burritos for $5.99. The Survivor premier is coming…men vs women. Facebook is selling some of its shares to cover taxes? Now they are talking too fast. Tiger Woods is giving an interview. Eyemart express is offering two pair of glasses for less than $60. Judge Alex is in session. The Waltons again. Ooops. That means I’ve made the rounds. Time for something else! The nap sounds even more attractive now. Is it still winter?

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My husband and I married in 1970. I am the mother of 2 and grandmother to 5. I share my health stories and my experiences with Thrive. I am reading and writing blogs, watching tv, making jewelry and rosaries, selling in my Etsy store and playing solitaire. I am home bound and add in my physical therapy exercises to my daily routine. I will blog about my progress or anything that catches my attention at that moment. See you around and thanks for stopping by!
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