Obama subpoenaed: three birther cases to be heard in GA | American Vision News

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Obama subpoenaed: three birther cases to be heard in GA | American Vision News. It seems the question of Obama’s birth and legal right to be President of the United States is still being investigated. He has been subpoenaed to appear to answer questions in court. The first two cases are pretty much not going to accomplish anything, but the third has actually filed the subpoena and will ask questions and expect answers. Interesting how long this has been going on. He has been the President for the past 4 years!  So long in fact, that most Americans have forgotten the controversy, don’t care, or don’t feel it is relevant any longer. Also interesting is how we never hear any of this in the news. I wonder if any of this will be resolved this time. Will we ever know the truth? And does it really matter now?  “Is it live, or is it Memorex?”


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2 Responses to Obama subpoenaed: three birther cases to be heard in GA | American Vision News

  1. Gerry says:

    Wow.i never thought anyone really gave a cats MEOW,,,,,,, I really enjoyed hearing this news about his father.do we really know who his father is?A few people are starting to listen to me.what do we know about both obamas giving their law licenses up?


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