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I’ve never shot a gun. I’ve never owned a gun. I’ve never even held a real gun. I think I’m a little afraid of them. But I remember when I started college, I wanted to try to shoot a rifle. I like to learn a skill and then strive to improve it and then be able to “beat my own score” consistently.  Now, I’m 61 and I have discovered a new reality show called Top Shots on Netflix. It is fascinating. Thousands of people from all walks of life applied and they chose 16 for the season. They are military, ex-military, police, men, women, competitive shooters, and national or world champions in their respective weapon of choice. They are all competitive, all marksmen and all used to competing against others. The show brings out ancient weapons like blow guns, sling shots, tomahawks, as well as common 22 rifles, Rugers, and 38’s. It is totally amazing to watch them practice and learn new techniques with weapons out of their comfort zones. Using the long bow to a tommy gun, and from flintlocks to a rarely seen Razorcat Racing gun is so interesting.  They are put into teams of 8 each and face different challenges each week. One person is eliminated after every challenge. When half of them are gone, they then compete individually instead of in teams. The final winner wins $100,000 dollars and the title of Top Shot. I’m loving this show!

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