Cupcake Attack: Wife Charged With Domestic Battery – ABC News

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Cupcake Attack: Wife Charged With Domestic Battery – ABC News. This wife got in an argument with her husband. She began striking him, and then the argument deteriorated. She began pelting him with cupcakes! He called the cops on her. She has been released on $10,000 bond. Just how much damage can a battery of cupcakes do? I think she needs to be hospitalized and checked out for emotional illness, not arrested for assault. What a crazy article.

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6 Responses to Cupcake Attack: Wife Charged With Domestic Battery – ABC News

  1. He called the cops over cupcakes? Sounds like HE’s the cupcake. In our house, when you start throwing food, that’s when the the argument turns into fun again….


  2. rich ripley says:

    If any baked good has to be wasted like that (and it shouldn’t)…cupcakes are the way to go. Sure brownies are easier to make, but they’re easier to eat too. At least no pies were harmed.
    ps…did the story tell how many cupcakes the cops ate while they were there? My conservative guess…9. I know plenty of great cops….they like their sweets.


  3. Umm…I can relate. I used to have a terrible temper and would throw things. My ex-husband called the cops on me late one afternoon because I made him wear seasoned steak that had yet to be cooked. (He deserved it. He told me to go to my room. What?!) What he told the cops was that I was on a tyrant and threw a steak at him. What they heard was that I threw a ‘stake’ at him. It mattered little by the time they got there and hauled me off. Apparently in Iowa if you even grab someone’s arm it’s automatically twelve hours in the tank. Yep, I’m a jailbird. They hauled his butt in too though. Yep, he grabbed me back. I told him next time he called them on me he would ‘really’ need them by the time they got there. Ya know…there never was a next time. Hmm….


  4. cuhome says:

    Estherlou ~~ that is hysterical !!!


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  6. if they were double chocolate cupcakes, it might be worth taking the pelting and enjoying the spoils.


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