Sperm Donor ‘Super Dads’ — Why It’s Dangerous for One Donor to Sire Dozens – ABC News

Sperm Bank!                     :-P

Sperm Donor ‘Super Dads’ — Why It’s Dangerous for One Donor to Sire Dozens – ABC News. This was an interesting article. Not only are there no rules for how many times a man’s sperm can be given out, it seems the sperm banks don’t test for genetic disorders. There may be hundreds of children in an area all fathered by the same sperm donor. That in itself sounds a little odd. Do these guys make their living donating sperm? And I guess I thought that you could trust the sperm bank. Now it seems they need better regulations and more screening for genetic diseases that can be passed on. And when the mother doesn’t know the father, the information on the family history has blank spots. This could cause problems later in life. Interesting. Being a married mom, this is a subject I never thought much about.

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