Birth Control Free for All: New Insurance Rules Affect Millions of Women – ABC News

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Birth Control Free for All: New Insurance Rules Affect Millions of Women – ABC News. Here is another rule that sounds good in the first thought, and then you wonder…is this really a good thing? It sounds great that all women will soon be able to get birth control, well-woman visits, screening for gestational diabetes, breast-feeding support, domestic violence screening and all FDA approved birth control methods — including emergency contraception such as the morning-after pill and get it without paying anything at all. And then, if you are a rational, thinking person, you wonder…just who WILL pay for this? Nothing is for free! Someone always has to pay. Why does our government put such things into effect without concern for who pays the bill? That’s how we got into such debt. They just keep on giving out what sounds like a good thing, and don’t ever worry about who’s going to pay for the freebie! White House advisors say they don’t think the new change, beginning  Aug. 2012, will affect insurance premiums, but in the end…that decision will be made by the insurance companies. What do you think? The insurance companies are going to embrace this concept and NOT raise premiums? Yeah, right. When pigs fly!

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