Grandmother, Sex Offender Fight for Custody of Child – ABC News

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Grandmother, Sex Offender Fight for Custody of Child – ABC News. A 38-year-old man has sex with a 14-year-old girl and she gets pregnant. Her mother later signs her permission for them to marry. The girl dies a month after her daughter was born…sound like a soap opera?  The grandparents raised the little girl. Now, the father, a registered sex offender, petitioned to get custody of his almost 4-year-old daughter. The girl doesn’t know her father and has lived with her grandparents since the death of her mother. And the judge has given the father custody! Yes, he is the father, but also a registered sex offender…a man who, at age 38 slept with a 14-year-old child! This is truly appalling!

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One Response to Grandmother, Sex Offender Fight for Custody of Child – ABC News

  1. mark says:

    hi!tell me?she is dead!right?what if she had survived?would they still have been a happy couple?the judge could have given him joint custody with the grandparents i think!i am not saying that its o.k for older men to go for kids,but cases differ.some kids look and behave like adults!some men are evil!i just told my father;67yrs to act his age;as he acts like a teenager when he sees pretty young ladies.i told him to act his age!now he is upset!where are all the good examples?all the best!


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