Parents’ Horror: One Son Dead, Other Accused of Murder – ABC News

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Parents’ Horror: One Son Dead, Other Accused of Murder – ABC News.  I have never thought it was  a good idea to have guns in the house when you have children. There has been too much on-screen violence in the past 30 years on tv and movie screen showing how cool it is to use and carry a gun. It gives you power and prestige. And, many times, the consequences are white-washed. Even old westerns glorified taking the law into your own hands or taking revenge on wrong doing which showed carrying a gun was a good thing. Ok…I’ll get off my soap box now. This is so tragic. An 11-year-old boy shoots and kills his younger 6-year-old brother. At first the police think it is an accident, but now are looking at charging him with the murder of his brother. This is sad and horrific at the same time. Have we become so immune to violence that we don’t even think of consequences any longer? Or are we like my husband who thinks there is nothing wrong with watching R rated movies because “it’s just a movie! It’s not real!” He has a good point, and as adults, we know the difference between fantasy and reality, between fiction and life. The problem is…children can not make that distinction. They tend to believe what they see. And the more you see things, the more they become real to you and become  something that is approved of or at the very least condoned.

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