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The Good Ol’ Days « One Day At A Time. It’s interesting the difference in the tv of her generation and mine. We didn’t even own a tv until I was about 16. Saturday shows? My favorite cartoon was Mighty Mouse. And there was a show about an airplane called Sky King, I think. The Jetsons, Lone Ranger, Popeye, Yogi Bear, Pepe le Pew, Road Runner, Wiley Coyote, Tom and Jerry, Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny, Top Cat, Quickdraw McGraw, Underdog, Huckleberry Hound, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, the Adventures of Johnny Quest, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha, the Tasmanian Devil, The Flintstones, and so many more. Classics now, and some still around. But most of the regular tv we watched back then, are still in re-runs 50 years later! Bewitched, Andy Griffith, Gilligan’s Island, Beverly Hillbillies, Twilight Zone, Brady Bunch, Green Acres, Bonanza, I dream of Jeannie, to list a few. And what about the musical shows like Ed Sullivan or the comedy shows like Carol Burnett and Dick Van Dyke. Wow. They bring back memories. Pure comedy or entertainment without offensive sexual innuendo or bad language. I’m really showing my age now. These were the good old days.


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My husband and I married in 1970. I am the mother of 2 and grandmother to 5. I share my health stories and my experiences with Thrive. I am reading and writing blogs, watching tv, making jewelry and rosaries, selling in my Etsy store and playing solitaire. I am home bound and add in my physical therapy exercises to my daily routine. I will blog about my progress or anything that catches my attention at that moment. See you around and thanks for stopping by!
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One Response to The Good Ol’ Days « One Day At A Time

  1. First of all, thanks for pinging back to my blog 🙂

    My younger sister and I used to watch a lot of those shows with our Mom too, we really liked Bewitched and the Brady Bunch (we watched both of those every night) 🙂

    I love the way shows like that can bring back memories


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