Volcano Iceland: Grimsvotn Forces Airport Shutdown – ABC News

Ash plume from Grímsvötn Volcano, November 2, 2004

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Volcano Iceland: Grimsvotn Forces Airport Shutdown – ABC News.

We always say “It’s a small world” and this article was a great example. Iceland’s volcano has erupted and it has the possibility of affecting air travel from all over the world. It is amazing how every action, every person, every thing…can eventually intersect and touch our lives. We tend to live small lives, going to work, going home, and doing it again tomorrow. The news story said a volcano erupted in 2004 which caused some trouble in air travel then. I don’t even remember hearing about it. This blog went in another direction than what I started. I think this article just shows me that everything I do or say can have ripple effects on others. I need to be more aware of who and what is around me. I do not live alone. I have a husband and children who are affected by what I do or say. I have co-workers who judge me, or are affected by how I work, how I react to problems and how I respond to criticism. I can be an example of many things because people I don’t even know or care about may be watching me. That gives me the responsibility to live the best life I can, trying to live a holy and honorable life of honesty, compassion, love for others, and doing all that with the power my faith in God and my prayerful relationship with Him can give to me. I tend to think that my spiritual growth is only for me; that how I live, through prayer, is only for my welfare and wellbeing. That is not true. Every action creates responses like the ripples in a pond of water. I need to pay more attention to what is around me and not just to my own needs. We are never totally alone. That is our responsibility, but also our greatest gift.

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