Social Security Deficits Now Permanent | Vision to America

In honor of Tax Day

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 Social Security Deficits Now Permanent | Vision to America.

We’ve been hearing for years how Social Security is going broke. As someone who has paid into the Social Security fund for over 40 years, it has been something I counted on being there when I retire in a couple of years. Both Social Security and Medicare have worsened over the last year. Medicare is now expected to run out of money in 2024 and Social Security will be gone by 2036. That’s good news and bad news. Good for me, since I probably won’t be needing to draw Social Security that long. Bad, because there is no excuse for the government to take funds out of Social Security and Medicare and funnel it somewhere else to pay for some bad planning. The generation coming behind me also have paid faithfully into the fund and have every right to expect it to be there for them! The trustees have said that the exhaustion of the funds doesn’t mean they will stop paying all benefits. Social Security could fund about 3/4 of their benefits past 2036 and Medicare could pay 90% of benefits past 2024. This means that the hand dipping into these funds needs to be slapped. This still needs to be fixed and not ignored. It’s time for the millions of illegal aliens getting free health care to be paying into the system.

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