Gas Prices Are High Because the Liberals Want It that Way | Vision to America

Gas Prices Today (4/16/08)

Image by Greg Woodhouse Photography via Flickr

Gas Prices Are High Because the Liberals Want It that Way | Vision to America.  When President Obama took office the price of gasoline was $1.83 per gallon. Today it’s almost $4.00. Of that $4.00, taxes account for 52 cents, distribution and marketing about 32 cents, refining 56 cents, and the cost of crude oil $2.60. Only income taxes brings in more revenue than oil.  The price of crude oil is determined by the world’s oil-exporting nations, particularly the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). OPEC is responsible for over 40% of the world’s crude production.

The United States is actually the third-largest producer of crude oil in the world, but we still import nearly 40% of our crude oil demand, mainly from Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Venezuela.  The more crude oil we produce domestically, the less taxes we heap on a gallon of gasoline, and the less we pay for gasoline. So….why aren’t we producing more of our own oil?

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1 Response to Gas Prices Are High Because the Liberals Want It that Way | Vision to America

  1. MiMi Atkins says:

    I am by societies standards a “liberal” and we do not want it that way. I love politics but I hate when I am bunched in a loophole because of how I chose to vote. I am not so sure gas was that cheap when Obama became president as it was high as HADES when Bush was in office but if you ask the Conservative right, Bush could do no wrong while he was President.

    Obama gets much flack as President and I admire him because he withstands it all. My husband’s in the military so I RESPECT the president because he is my husband’s BOSS.


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