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http://www.gopusa.com/news/2011/05/12/tsa-defends-frisking-of-baby-at-kc-airport/ Is this the new norm? We all have been offended or upset at how invasive the new frisks have been…to the elderly, to children etc. I am glad I’m not going to be flying anytime soon. A friend of mine was frisked/examined at our local airport. She felt it truly offensive that a strange woman lifted and patted under her breasts, and then touched her between the legs in “just doing my job”. Now…patting down an 8 month old baby? I understand that terrorists use children as bombs, but have they ever gone through a US airport? I’m really waffling on this subject. Yes, I want beefed up security, but how about protection for US citizens? Are we going to lose all of our liberties in this new day and age of fear? I vote we just close the borders for a few years. Or live like Australia…if you don’t have a reason to come here, you don’t get in!

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2 Responses to TSA-defends-frisking-of-baby-at-kc-airport

  1. jdhays says:

    I’m glad to see this TSA screening nonsense is finally moving beyond a left vs. right issue and is becoming a concern to a broader number of us. It’s about time the TSA is forced to reveal exactly how many terrorist threats they’ve caught with their invasive screenings. If they can’t or won’t it’s time to force them to change their practices. No more baby pat downs!


  2. Michele says:

    I think the patdowns in general have gone way too far, and a baby bothers me a great deal. What bothers me here, also, is that someone took a video and posted it on the internet, where it is literally available to the world. I know he wanted to make a statement, and a good one at that, but he violated that child’s privacy as well. I read that the mother was not upset, so no personal injury here. But it bothers me in principle that someone would violate our privacy to protest our privacy being violated by another person. It makes me scratch my head and say “Huh?”


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