Convicted Rapist Kenneth Pike Next in Line for Organ Transplant – ABC News

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Convicted Rapist Kenneth Pike Next in Line for Organ Transplant – ABC News.

This article brings up a lot of interesting points. Who chooses who gets a transplant? Who decides if one person is more worthy than another? Should prison inmates get better medical care free of charge, than the general population? Should a convicted rapist be allowed to get a heart transplant before someone else? We don’t believe in withholding medical care to those who need it…is this different? Who gets to play God? Interesting and thought-provoking.


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One Response to Convicted Rapist Kenneth Pike Next in Line for Organ Transplant – ABC News

  1. judithhb says:

    Goodness. Most of the blogs I have read today have called for comment on weighty subjects. If this rapist gets a new heart will he be free then to continue raping (after he is released from prison obviously); if somebody on death row gets a new heart wouldn’t that be a waste; and as you say, when a prison inmate gets a transplant all costs are met by the taxpayer whoin some instances, can’t afford medical care for himself. Is this fair?
    As you ask – who gets to play God? I am glad I don’t have to make these decisions.


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