Tot Fatally Shoots Mother, Police Investigate Father’s Role – ABC News

Glock 17 9mm

Image by Neil Dorgan via Flickr

Tot Fatally Shoots Mother, Police Investigate Father’s Role – ABC News. The boyfriend had a permit to carry a concealed weapon and laid it down for a few minutes. Apparently, the 2-year-old picked it up and pulled the trigger, shooting his mother fatally. The police are not sure a 2-year-old can even shoot a gun which takes 4.5-5.5 pounds of pressure to pull the trigger! This is still under investigation. The man may be charged with negligence. And the story ends with the information that a 4-year-old playing with a loaded gun a month ago shot himself and died. What are people thinking! How can you even have loaded guns of any kind anywhere a child can get their hands on it? Kids see tv and don’t understand the consequences! I’m all for gun rights for those who want them, but use some judgement! Guns are dangerous and don’t belong around kids!

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  1. knotrune says:

    That’s one reason I’m glad we don’t have a gun culture here in the UK!


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