My Life, Ten Years From Now

At 71, I will probably not be working full time. I hope to be spending more time with my husband and daughter. Hopefully, she will now have a good job and be more secure financially as well as emotionally. She will have published her book and written another. Our grandaughter, at 26, will probably be in medical school or be married. Our sons next two children, both boys will have graduated from high school and perhaps be in college or married. The youngest, will be 20, a young woman just beginning her life. It is odd to think of it.

Hopefully, we will be living on our social security, and my online Avon store, and the economy will be more stable. Our country will be stronger and not at war. I will have lost some more weight, and had knee replacement surgery. I will be able to walk again, even without my walker, and wont have to depend on my wheelchair to go places. I will be able to go to a movie again and not worry about not being able to get my wheelchair into a handicap bathroom in time…I will just be able to walk right in. I will be able to go shopping with my daughter or husband, or go walking in a mall. I won’t be bound to the house if I want to go out. I can sit in a park, watching people or feed the ducks. I will have regained some of what I lost and life will be good.

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About estherlou

My husband and I married in 1970. I am the mother of 2 and grandmother to 5. I share my health stories and my experiences with Thrive. I am reading and writing blogs, watching tv, making jewelry and rosaries, selling in my Etsy store and playing solitaire. I am home bound and add in my physical therapy exercises to my daily routine. I will blog about my progress or anything that catches my attention at that moment. See you around and thanks for stopping by!
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1 Response to My Life, Ten Years From Now

  1. catsopinion says:

    Sounds nice. In 10 years, we should remember to look back and see how much of this is true.


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