Push up Bikini tops for 7 year olds?

The image of Abercrombie & Fitch today.

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Okay…as a parent, we all know our kids are seeing too much on tv, in the movies, and in fashion magazines. We are trying to protect their childhood and prevent sexual exposure at too young of an age! So…now, a major department store is trying to tell our 7 year old little girls that since they have no boobs yet, and since that is certainly an important thing…that they will sell them padded, push-up bikini tops? You have got to be kidding! That is so wrong! Not only is Abercrombie & Fitch telling our little girls that their body image is defective, at 7 years old, mind you, but they are trying to get our little girls to pay attention to their sexuality before it has even become an issue. At 7 they are years away from puberty, and emotionally and socially way too young to even think about such things. Parents…you have to take a stand here. Don’t buy this product! Stand up for your own kids and protect them! It seems that sexual predators come in all sizes and shapes! This is just unbelievable!

Video – Breaking News Videos from CNN.com#/video/us/2011/03/26/abercrombie.kids.bikini.cnn?iref=allsearch#/video/us/2011/03/26/abercrombie.kids.bikini.cnn?iref=allsearch.

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2 Responses to Push up Bikini tops for 7 year olds?

  1. knotrune says:

    What a disgusting idea on so many levels! And they wonder why we have paedophiles! Why can’t they let children be children any more?


  2. whatsaysyou says:

    Padded bikini tops for a child is just absurd and wrong in all levels. Sexualisation of a child is nothing but a harmful matter to any kid.


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