Petition to Prevent Raising the Debt Ceiling

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Here is a copy of the petition and what it states…If this makes sense to you…go sign the petition.

Citizens’ Petition to
Speaker John Boehner and GOP Leadership
WHEREAS:  For every dollar that Congress spends, a whopping 40-cents must be borrowed – leading to an increase in the federal debt limit five times in the last ten years, and
WHEREAS:  Explosive deficit spending crowds out private-sector job creation and makes more people dependent on government, reducing the self-reliance of the American people, and
WHEREAS:  I firmly believe that Americans elected a Republican majority to the U.S. House of Representatives in order to reverse reckless spending, not expand it, and
WHEREAS:  Americans elected scores of Tea Party candidates in a clear protest against the massive bailouts of the Obama administration and the Pelosi/Reid Congress, and
WHEREAS:  Years of government spending to pay people not to work has done nothing but increase joblessness and debt, and
WHEREAS:  Increased debt devalues the U.S. dollar, robbing the value of my assets and every American’s assets, and
WHEREAS:  I believe Congress should start living within its means the way millions of working families have to,
Congress should NOT raise the debt ceiling so it can continue its habit of massive deficit spending, AND FURTHER, I instruct my Member of Congress to vote “NO” on raising the debt ceiling and instead get to work immediately to cut spending.   



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