The Muslim Brotherhood’s sneak attack on America

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s sneak attack on America. If you have watched the news lately, and what is happening in Egypt, you have heard of the Muslim Brotherhood. They believe in Sharia law. We must not be complacent or politically correct and allow this insidious barbarism to seep into our society! And you think…no way…we have laws here…we have freedoms here…no worry. If our government continues to bend over backwards to countries with a belief system so different from America…than it could happen. Sharia law condemns a 14-year-old girl raped, kicking and screaming by an older man to 100 lashes for having an ‘illicit affair’.  She later bled to death from her wounds. A Saudi court “in early 2009 sentenced a 23-year-old female who had been gang-raped by five men to 100 lashes and a year in jail. Her crime? Accepting a lift from a man who drove her against her will to his house and took turns, with four of his friends, raping her. Same with a 2007 case where the Saudi Justice Ministry sentenced a girl gang-raped by seven men to six months in prison and 200 lashes.

“And in Saudi Arabia, who can forget when the kingdom’s “religious police” allowed 15 young girls to die horrible deaths when a fire broke out in their school in Mecca on March 11, 2002? The religious police, or Mutaween, literally blocked firefighters from saving the girls because they weren’t dressed in the proper Islamic way for girls and women to be seen outdoors. With helpless firemen watching, the religious police literally beat the girls – those who were not wearing their headscarves or abayas – back into the inferno. ” 
 Our government has refused to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood or recognize it’s potential threat…it has referred to the Islamist group as “secular”.  “News flash: There is an advanced level of seditious Islamist infiltration and subversion within today’s America, including anti-Semitic, jihadist indoctrination and even recruiting in some of our colleges, radical teachings and incitement in the rapidly growing number of mosques and Islamic schools around the nation, jihad recruitment in our prisons thanks to taxpayer-funded radical Muslim chaplains, even subversion within our own government.

Most U.S.-based Islamists and their organizations masquerade as charitable, religious and civil-rights groups but are dedicated to replacing the Constitution with the Quran. That’s not my opinion; their leaders have said so, like CAIR founder Omar Ahmad, who told a California newspaper: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

I am thankful I may not be around to see the new, changed America. The America where, Christianity is outlawed; where freedom of speech is outlawed; where personal freedoms are severely curtailed; where fear of the government is normal and natural. Do not ignore the warning signs. At the very least, do a little research on your own and don’t assume you hear the whole story by listening to nighttime news on the tv. And if you are a praying person…never forget to pray for our country. There have been too many changes in recent times that are not all for our good.

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  1. I agree with this, but we are called “paranoid,” so I don’t write about it much anymore.

    I have a subscriber called catsopinion, when I click on it, it takes me here.

    Just curious, do you want/not want comments?


  2. estherlou says:

    I enjoy getting comments.


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