Trump: Mideast Explosion Could Destroy OPEC, Lower Oil Prices

The US-China Debate

Image by Tony Crider via Flickr

Trump: Mideast Explosion Could Destroy OPEC, Lower Oil Prices.

Donald Trump is the subject of this article. It is quite interesting. He has a lot to say, especially about trusting China and assuming they are our friends. Business partners, yes, but friends, no. Trump says if we taxed all the products imported from China, we could pay off our debt quickly. Why don’t we tax our imports? Are we giving them a free ride? It looks like we the people, have just lived our small lives for so long depending upon our government to do what is best for us, and it hasn’t been happening. We all know there needs to be changes made, but is what we are doing now, the right direction to take? This article just gives us a lot to think about.

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