As Egypt goes offline US gets internet ‘kill switch’ bill ready

Surf Wars - The Kill Switch

Image by Pranksky via Flickr

As Egypt goes offline US gets internet ‘kill switch’ bill ready.  We all have seen in the news how a government totally cut off internet and phone/texting service to almost their entire populace. That is quite disturbing. And now I’m reading this article saying that we have the ability in the US to do the same thing. The article says it was introduced as protection against possible cyber threat to our systems and to protect our infrastructure. My thought is…that sounds really great, but there is always a flip side to every coin. Once you have that power, what keeps you from using it? and who gets to decide what is and is not an emergency? I’d hate to live in a society where the government could arbitrarily stop my access to the internet and to my family living out-of-state. Scary indeed.

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