Amtrak train strikes jogger listening to music | Reuters

An Amtrak train on the NEC in NJ, as seen from...

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Amtrak train strikes jogger listening to music | Reuters.

First thought was, OMG how awful. Second thought, who in the world  jogs on train tracks without looking for the train? This could have been avoided. What a tragic waste of life. How sad.


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2 Responses to Amtrak train strikes jogger listening to music | Reuters

  1. itshaphazard says:

    The second thought says it all


  2. David Gunn says:

    Amtrak kills approximately one hundred pedestrian and vehicle-borne trespassers annually. Many of the pedestrians have earphones on, and many of them are out jogging or walking. A smaller number are using the tracks as a shortcut, and have grown blase to the threat. It amazes me how people can be so cavalier about something so large, so fast, and so lethal as a train.


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