Let’s have a contest!

Let’s have a contest!
Let’s have a drawing!received_431278457534280~2
I want 50 people to sign up for a new FREE account, (which only commits you to getting a couple of emails but helps me out! You can not be already signed up under another promoter.)
Starts today, August 11th 2020, contest ends in 2 weeks, August 25th 2020!
One lucky person will win this lovely cowl and matching crocheted beanie! (Must have 50 entries for the drawing to take place.)
Sign up here

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Nancy Loderick's Blog


Normally I am not one for procrastination. I am more of a “get it done” type of person.

1. Choosing a gravestone.

As most of you know, my Mom passed away a little over two years ago. I have yet to get a gravestone for her. In my defense, the family plot where she is buried has fieldstones, rather than granite gravestones for markers. The tradition is that we get a stone from where my father grew up and use that for the gravestone. Well, aside from the fact that I don’t live close to this place, there are also no more stones there. You see the conundrum.

I had a lovely conversation with one of my cousins, who lives where my father grew up and she had a few excellent suggestions. One: use the same stone as my father’s and add to the plaque or Two: see if the…

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Change is scary

Change has always been frightening to me especially when it’s not my idea. Too people I knew passed away this week. One was the brother of a long time hugging buddy who I met more than 35 years ago. I grieved with  my friend and for the loss of his brother, lifting their whole family in prayer. This also touched his wife, another long time friend.

The other friend was also someone special I met at about the same time. She was special,with a special gift of a bubbling, laughing personality that drew you in and made you feel special. Even though time had passed, loving memories remain.

It has been a sobering time full of jumbled emotion and many prayers on their behalf. Some tendencies for crazy thoughts since both were younger than I am.

I am also making a difficult life changing choice which has also caused some soul-searching, prayer and indecision. Crazy thoughts try to wheedle into my day hinting that the change is a prelude to possible tragedy. That the change is a first step in preparation of a new and unsettling future. Did I mention I grew up watching a worrier and I tend to fall into old habits.

On the other side, I am a cancer survivor. My husband is doing well after a scary few months after a diagnosis of congestive heart disease. I have two loving children, grandchildren, siblings and friends who support me. I have all my needs met and a lot of my simple pleasures. We are blessed.

Now it is time to move forward in faith and trust, depending on my prayers and less on noticing the fears…

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It’s that time of year again

December-clip-art-graphics-photo-for-holidays-3-imageIts December. Almost Christmas time. It’s that time of year when some people kind of go crazy. And you might immediately start thinking of the crazy Shoppers and people who decorate everything that’s not tied down.

December-holiday-clipartBut I’m talking about people like me. There’s just something about this time of year that makes some people depressed and I’m in that group. Not sure exactly why. Part of it is the stress of the expectation of gifts to give. Making the list of family members that you haven’t seen in a while but that you might be expected to share gifts with. Add to that money problems and just the stress of the Season. Extra people, extra hustle and bustle, it’s just a different mood , part excitement, part anticipation and if you are not one who enjoys crowds. a definite claustrophobic atmosphere.

Thoughts go towards decorating for Christmas and putting up trees and lights just to make sure that you are able to experience the Christmas season. But it’s also a busier time at work for those who have to deal with the hustle and bustle, and that causes extra stresses.

Like many people, I lost my father and my sister in the fall, so those particular years were experienced with that missing family member, and perhaps that’s part of what stews around in the subconscious and affects how I look at this time of year.

busy-escalators-inside-the-bullring-shopping-centre-birmingham-picture-ctcthpSometimes you step back and watch the craziness, the crowds, the last-minute shopping, and see the consumerism and don’t notice that there are extra smiles, extra laughter, the excitement and anticipation of children, and choirs singing carols. But in the hustle and bustle, and the fun, and the excitement, and the shopping, and the people, and the running, and the stresses, we tend to forget it’s supposed to be about Jesus.


I first noticed how difficult it was for me to feel involved, and enjoy the sacredness of the season and the special awe that it brings, when I became too handicapped to participate in the church choir like I used to. I so enjoyed singing, and bringing joy to others with the music and the special programs at that time of year, and participation in the preparation for Christmas Eve Mass.

I have always been somewhat of a hermit, but being home bound isolates even more. So, I have not been out in the world to see the Christmas lights, the Christmas decorations everywhere, or experience or feel the excitement or the anticipation. To stay involved, to participate, I will have to work a little harder, dig out those Christmas stories, send out some Christmas cards, and read the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus once again.

Enjoy the season. Enjoy the Christmas carols. Enjoy the pageants and the children’s programs. Try to notice and relish the spirit of giving that is alive for a short time. Remind yourself Who the season is about, read the Christmas story once again. Go to Church. Get closer to God. It is all what makes this time of year so special. Don’t let it pass you by.


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Ignore the dragons

February 1st, 2011 @ 23:33:56

I had an interesting day. Some small thing, a computer glitch, an unforseen thing, caused a delay in helping a customer, who got frustrated and impatient. Their frustration fed my own and it bled into anxiety as I struggled to find a way around the computer issue and still be able to assist my caller. It did not happen.

Funny thing, that small thing, that one frustration, set off a chain of emotions that threatened to ruin my day. It led to some inner irritation, that almost turned into anger which tends to feed my inner dragons and demons who feed my self-destructive coping mechanisms. For a few moments, I gave in to it all.

The giving in, causes its own frustrations and irritations and self anger which feeds the inner self-disgust, even at the smallest level, which in turn feeds the self-destructive coping method which then can cause a recognition of a dark place often visited and the resignation that you will never be able to avoid this place ever. Which tends to bring you to a hopeless familiarity of places well visited.

The thought processes recognize each other, gravitate toward each other and if their glances meet, will embrace and set up camp and stay for a prolonged visit. And the resignation of visiting a place you never intended to visit again, gives its own version of despair.

download (1)

The good thing is, in the recognition, there is an interruption of the cycle and a glimpse of a different path with a side door to escape from the momentary darkness once again.  The triggers are so small sometimes, and so puzzling, it is difficult to avoid them, and most of the time they sneak in from behind, enjoying the abruptness of their pounce.


To all who have any hidden demons or dragons, keep on fighting. I understand. Just be sure to use whatever way works best for you, to drain off some of the gunk, to let out those thoughts and allow their hold on you to dissipate for right now. Whether it is prayer, talking it out, or doing something creative to release those demons, it will not last. This moment, or this hour does not last forever, and tomorrow will be new again!


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Are dreams practical?


There is a fine line you sometimes have to walk between practicality and your dreams. Your dreams will take you to places unseen and they can verge into the spiritual in your dependence upon faith as one of your tools. The dreams can cause excitement, giddiness, and then swing to doubt and fear and back again. The practical is needed for everyday living. Taking it one step farther, our emotions can cloud the discernment needed to stay in God’s will, but He does allow choice and sometimes the end results do not show themselves for a very long time. And so, how do you walk that line so that not too much effort or emotional energy is expended upon the dream, that you forget what needs to be done in the here and now?


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Circle of death

Image result for thinkingblink=contemplation
fear=freak out
freak out=coping mechanism
coping mechanism=overeaction
stagnation=standing still
standing still=time
ELY   11/5/2017
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Don’t forget to dream

Everyone needs a dream! I think I grew up believing I wasn’t allowed to have a dream. And so I never got in the habit of making goals even if they were short term. I’m not talking about plans for next week, or working on losing 2 pounds next week. I’m talking about the kind of goals where you’re working to get a house or a car or graduate from school. Those kind of goals. I have a dream tickling the back of my mind. I want to be able to have my husband retire and us not have to worry about medical bills or how to support ourselves. and to be able to have the time and energy to enjoy life! And I’m actually beginning to see and feel an excitement and think that this might actually be possible…

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Life happens whether or not you join in

11703084_778852138878994_6758663194588232484_nI have had an interesting couple of years. Haven’t we all? I had to retire unexpectedly with mobility issues. I started home health care, physical and occupational therapy and got used to being home bound. Then a year later I found out I had a cervical tumor. Before I even had time to think about that, I had undergone some chemo and some very extensive radiation treatments.

It began and ended so quickly I was left trying to catch up. And then the next year, my husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He got to wear that wonderful new vest that monitors your heart and will LOUDLY tell you if there is a problem. He then had a defibrillator pace maker implanted in his chest and has improved greatly! I am cancer free, he is doing great, and I began a couple of part-time jobs to keep me busy and life moved on.

Anyone who has had cancer, or been around it, knows those treatments affect your body and last sometimes for years after. I was not feeling good most days. I was coping with leftover effects from the radiation. I was wondering if I was just going to have to get used to expecting to not feel good or be in some sort of discomfort for the rest of my life.

I saw a friend on Facebook talking about taking some supplements called Thrive. She was regaining her life! She had energy again. She felt better! I started paying attention! Her husband decided to try it too and he began losing weight. I perked up! Not only did I want to feel better, I could lose some more weight.

I decided to jump in. It is simple. A 1 2 3 step program as soon as you wake up and then you forget about it! 1. Take 2 capsules before you get up. 2. 20 minutes later, mix the Lifestyle mix in some water or milk and drink it down. 3. Put on the DFT, the one-of-a-kind innovative derma fusion technology patch you stick on your arm and you are all set!

Since I have been Thriving, I feel better. My normal little aches and pains have lessened. I have an excitement about my day instead of dread for another day of feeling bad. I sleep better and most of the time don’t need that afternoon nap I was accustomed to! Premium grade nutrition, the best available, to give my body what it might be missing because I might not eat right today, or have been ill, or have been stressed out. It fills in the nutritional gaps, gives our bodies everything we need to function at the very best we can possibly be!

If you havent tried Thrive, it is a little hard sometimes to explain how great it is. It has to be experienced! I borrowed this from someone else and it says it in another way.  Some people ask, “So why do you take your two Thrive capsules ‘before your feet hit the floor’… with a big glass of water?”…. This IS a great question!!! 🤔
The body has been fasting for hours. It is dehydrated (and at its worst). It is primed and ready for premium grade nutrition. Your body will absorb some nutrients much faster if you take your supplements upon waking, before you get distracted, and start doing other things. Otherwise your body will burn valuable muscle for fuel. Thrive capsules are 98% absorbed vs most vitamins you buy at a big box or nutrition store which are only 10-30% absorbed!!!
20 min later drink your Lifestyle mix, and you are fueling your body with necessary protein, and vital nutrients, pre and probiotics, which is digested much faster than just eating eggs.
The DFT foam (patch) delivers its nutrients consistently throughout the day. There you have it… This is why Thrivers FEEL GREAT daily. You don’t see happy, bubbly, positive, energetic people feeling and looking 20 again by taking a cosmetic-grade vitamin.

This is changing my life. Where will it take me? Am I too old? Can I do this? The company offers bonuses. It could be a major income for me. They give you the chance to earn FREE products, cars and trips. Will this happen for me? or for you? I don’t know. What I DO know, is the company, Le-Vel Thrive is getting ready to explode with new and better things! I cant wait to see what is going to happen in the next couple of months! And I want to be there to experience what happens, see how far I can go, and to jump in!

You can keep up with the gossip by getting your own FREE customer account. No obligation. That way, you would get company announcements and offers. It would be like being that fly on the wall! Go HERE to sign up for that free account. You won’t be sorry!


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Has your mojo disappeared?

feeling tired-saidaonline

Has your get-up-and-go gone on vacation?

Does the idea of beginning your day make you want to crawl back under the covers?

Are pj’s the new chic?

And afternoon naps, chugging coffee and energy drinks

a necessity to get through your day?

Are you tired of being tired yet?


When I heard a friend talking about how she had tried THRIVE and was excited about her day, had new found energy and had even lost a couple of pounds, I was intrigued enough to check it out! I tried a month and discovered, once I got to sleep, I usually was out till time to get up, no tossing and turning. I found I had more energy and didn’t want that afternoon nap so often. I noticed after 3 days that my mind seemed more alert! That the world around me seemed more clear! And I physically felt better overall.


Want to know what it’s all about? Sign up for a FREE, no obligation customer page, take a look around at your convenience and see what others have said! And if you get excited, you can get two of your friends to try it and get YOUR next month for FREE! It’s a win-win opportunity!


FREE customer account. Sign up HERE

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Plain and simple

Keeping it real! Just Sharing

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I am feeling better

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A Journey to Thrive

2014 marked an abrupt change in my life. Up until then, I was a full-time cake decorator specializing in wedding cakes. I had no plans to retire yet. I had to suddenly quit unexpectedly for health reasons. That began a time of home health care, physical and occupational therapy, regaining strength so I could get out of bed by myself and becoming a home bound individual.

About a year after that, I found out I had cervical cancer, a tumor. I underwent some mild chemotherapy and some extensive radiation treatments. It was a whirlwind time that seemed so surreal it was as if I was on the outside watching as things unfolded. The treatments were successful in eradicating the tumor but left me with the residual effects of the radiation treatments. These symptoms continued for over a year.

I was tired often, taking afternoon naps most days. I never felt entirely well, but lethargic, and just worn down from the physical and emotional toll a disease with the accompanying aches and pains brings. I grew tired of being tired all the time. I wanted to feel like “me” again.

I noticed a friend on Facebook talking about Thriving. I started paying attention. She talked about getting back her energy. She talked about a mental clarity she hadn’t experienced in a while. She talked about a simple 1-2-3 process of nutrition that was making her feel good for a change! She said her husband decided to try it also! And then, they both began feeling like doing more, enjoying life again, and even lost a few pounds!

I was a bit skeptical because I had tried various things before. But I was really tired of not feeling good and wanted something to make me feel better! I tried the product. It was extremely easy! You take 2 capsules first thing when you sit up in bed in the morning! Then, 20-40 minutes later, mix the lifestyle mix and drink it and then put on a DFT, a derma fusion technology patch and you are set for the day! In these simple 3 steps, you receive premium grade naturopathic formula of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and amino acids. The Thrive lifestyle shake mix helps with weight support/management, fitness and lean muscle support and the DFT is time release delivery of mental clarity and appetite control throughout your day! Within the 3 simple steps, 100% of what your body needs to begin to undo years of neglect and wrong eating and give us the nutrition we need to be the best we can be!

I have been Thriving for about 7 weeks now. I noticed on day 3 that I had more energy and didn’t need that afternoon nap. And I realized my mind was clearer, with a focus I had lost. I gained hope and excitement and began to enjoy the extra wellbeing, of feeling better, even good again I felt! I get up each day with eagerness instead of dread! I love feeling almost “back to normal” again! It is exciting!

I feel this product has something for everyone. You might just want some extra energy you try to get drinking coffee all day. You might want to find the you that has been lost for a while. You might be athletic and just want some nutritional help and lean muscle support! You might want to focus on losing a little weight. Whatever your desires and goals are, Thrive can help! You have nothing to lose!



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Why am I feeling better

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